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Let the Customer Sell

Ever wonder how you could decrease your sales cycle and at the same time increase the probability of closure? I have a tip that might allow you to accomplish just that. Forget about writing proposals that are haphazardly read, instead, engage the customer, and let him do the selling. I used this method when I […]

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Selling in Tough Times

I thought I would put my own spin on what I’ve experienced and in addition, what I currently see transpiring in today’s selling environment. Aimed mostly at sales management, I would like to share my thoughts from having been an active participant as both a sales professional and manager. Selling in the toughest of economies […]

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Selling Under the Social Media Umbrella

Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Sales 2.0, Web 2.0…the names tend to run together, but whatever name you recognize, it is garnering a lot of interest from companies, especially those that are struggling in today’s economy. Seemingly exploding overnight, the Social Media movement actually began the moment the dot com bubble burst. Let’s take a quick […]

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Down the Sales 101 Trail- Part 2

This is the last half of Down the Sales 101 Trail. I hope this helps accelerate your close ratio. This is going to be a ONE topic discussion, so let’s get with it! THE GAME PLAN A Must Have I can’t emphasize enough how important having a game plan is. Seasoned sales professional or just […]

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5 Sales Tips to Practice Daily

Five different, but important tasks you can do Monday through Friday and watch how they begin to help. Stop the insanity– break the cycle and try something new everyday by Getting out of your comfort zone without losing control. Start small, and as your comfort level rises keep expanding outside of your comfort zone. Do […]

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